SMARTpaws Veterinary Partnerships

SMARTpaws is exclusively a sports medicine and physical rehabilitation therapy service.

Our aim is to provide a seamless complementary service that ensures optimal patient care and strong welfare outcomes. We discuss all therapy options with your clients and are honest about evidence supporting outcomes. If further diagnostics are required or if surgery is recommended, we will always refer the patient back to you for these services.


Although animal rehabilitation is still an emerging practice in Australia, many pet owners are seeing it as an adjunct to their pet's primary veterinary care. Physical rehabilitation is not just for post-operative patients. We work with many soft tissue injuries and unexplained lameness cases that are non-responsive to conservative and medical management. We have also facilitated non-surgical treatment for patients where surgery is not possible. Rehabilitation programs can be designed to positively affect weight management, activity levels and may incorporate braces, orthotics, and carts to improve recovery from tendon and ligament injuries or provide ongoing mobility to animals with disabilities.



At SMARTpaws we also love cats! Physical rehabilitation can have a positive effect on a range of pain associated behaviours and signs associated with orthopaedic, neurological and chronic conditions such as inappropriate elimination, loss of elimination control, aggressive behavior, and immobility.

It can also be particularly helpful for patients that are poorly managed with conservative or medical treatment or animals that are unable to tolerate some medications. 

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Rehabilitation has a strong focus on prevention. Early detection and active monitoring can change the trajectory of a disease by allowing the problem to be stabilised. This is of particular relevance when treating conditions that have no cure. Providing rehabilitation therapy in the early stages of osteoarthritis can assist in slowing progression and improving quality of life. We work to to help these patients become more comfortable and stay active for longer.


We also design conditioning and fitness programs for active pets and working or performance dogs to prevent injury, provide mental stimulation and promote lifelong wellness. 


We don’t have a formal referral process but we appreciate your call or email with relevant medical histories prior to consultation.

We are happy to co-ordinate care of patients at your hospital so that your patients can be seen by our team as soon as possible. However, we also offer a mobile service direct to the client. Please have the client call us to schedule their appointment. We will send you a consultation report and progress reports as required. Our aim is to work closely with you to provide adjunct treatment, high standard care, and optimal patient outcomes.