Our Mission

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Whatever the obstacle...

At SMARTpaws we are devoted to helping animals and the people attached to them get back to enjoying life together.


We are passionate about providing animals with access to rehabilitation services similar to that which is available to humans. We understand that experience matters, which is why your pet will always be treated by a certified rehabilitation therapist that is highly skilled in treating orthopaedic, neurological, and chronic conditions. 

Our aim is to reduce pain and suffering, facilitate healing and promote maximal strength and return to normal function. We also provide ongoing maintenance programs to prevent re-injury and support wellness for life.

We strongly believe that the road to recovery should be a feel-good journey which is why we incorporate low stress handling techniques and customised treatment plans that suit your pet’s personality and lifestyle. 

Whether your fur friend is an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, we strive to provide you with the most advanced rehabilitation treatment to get your best mate back to doing what they love sooner.