Your First Visit

Being both veterinary surgeon and animal rehabilitation therapist, the process at SMARTpaws begins with a comprehensive review of your pets’ medical history and a thorough physical examination taking into account general health and existing conditions.

A diagnosis is the first step towards recovery.  Because we work closely with your primary veterinary surgeon and referral centres, we have the ability to facilitate further diagnostics or consultation for specialist advice if required. A treatment plan will then be discussed taking into account both your goals and expectations and, your pets personality and lifestyle. This will include physical rehabilitation treatments delivered by our therapists. To see a full list of our treatments visit out all services section.



Each time we see your pet for therapy we will reassess them to monitor recovery closely and we will revise and modify treatment as required to best meet their needs.

As your pet progresses towards recovery, we will develop an at-home maintenance program for you both in order to reduce the risk of re-injury. Whether your goal is to achieve ongoing high level performance or retain mobility and stay active, we will give you the skills and support required to promote ongoing wellness.