Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Therapy


SMARTpaws is exclusively a Veterinary Sports Medicine and Physical Rehabilitation Therapy service. We aim to work with your primary care veterinarian in order to offer the best care for your pet.

Whatever the obstacle, we are devoted to helping animals and the people attached to them get back to enjoying life together.




We have experience with pre- and post-operative rehabilitation therapy. We have also facilitated treatment options for patients where surgery is not possible.

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Orthopaedics & Neurology

We have experience working with back pain, spinal injuries, brain diseases, and orthopaedic injuries such as cruciate tears, fractures and, degenerative conditions including arthritis.

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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine deals with illness or injury resulting from athletic activity. We have experience treating working and performance dogs.

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In addition to physical rehabilitation therapy we use a range of advanced equipment including laser therapy.

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Happy Customers

Dr Xani has worked wonders assisting Goldie with his patella luxation and torn ligament. Dr Xani has been so gentle but so effective, we saw an immediate response to the first treatment.

I highly recommend Dr Xani to those who love their dogs and want the best for their best friend
— Jennifer and Goldie Ledingham
Xani sets herself apart with her impressive work ethic, a dedication to continued learning and formal qualification and also her kindness and passion for our canine companions and their welfare. She has always been a lovely person to work with and I will be referring patients to her in future to benefit from her canine rehabilitation service.  
— Dr Elizabeth Arnott, Chief Veterinary Officer and Animal Welfare Consultant GRNSW


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SMARTpaws is owned and operated by Dr Alexandra (Xani) Blecich.  Xani spent several years working with human patients in allied health prior to completing her veterinary degree at Murdoch University in Western Australia.

Xani has had the opportunity of working in veterinary practice at several large clinics within Australia and abroad that provide comprehensive, high quality health care including post-operative orthopaedic and neurological services. Xani has completed further certification in animal rehabilitation therapy in Australia and the US.

The most rewarding part of Xani’s work is being able to help animals and the people attached to them get back to enjoying life together.